Q:  When should I order my furniture?
A:  Generally, our American made furniture is completed within 6-8 weeks.  More often than not, pieces are completed earlier than promised.  Our American made furniture is produced one piece at a time on an old-world scale; that is what makes it special & it requires a little time.  We recommend you purchase your furniture as early as possible to allow plenty of time for completion, delivery & assembly.  If you have a specific date in mind we encourage you to share that with us in order to better accommodate your needs.

Q:  Does your furniture have a guarantee and/or warranty?
A:  Yes.  AmericanEcoFurniture.com guarantees the workmanship as well as the shipping and delivery of our solid wood furniture made in the USA.  Our American furniture builders also guarantee the workmanship and shippers guarantee the items during shipping and delivery.  From the beginning of the building process to final delivery, there are three parties that guarantee the quality of our American made furniture.  Our American furniture warranty is valid for one year after the date of delivery.

Q:  How long does shipping take?
A:  Depending on the mailing address shipping may take from 3 to 10 business days to deliver.

Q:  How will my order be shipped?
A:  Smaller items may ship via a ground carrier such as UPS or FedEx.  Larger, heavier furniture pieces ship with freight carriers.

Q:  What are shipping costs?
A:  We offer free shipping on purchases over $75 or a flat shipping rate of $6.99 for purchases under $75 to addresses in the continental USA.  Some zip codes in remote areas (as determined solely by delivery companies) may incur additional shipping costs.  Most of us already know whether we live in a "remote" area; but if you're not certain email us and we'll check before you make a purchase.  If your order incurs additional shipping fees we will notify you to request approval before proceeding.

Q:  Can I buy complementary pieces later?
A:  Yes. Complementary furniture pieces may be purchased later. However, to ensure a perfect match we recommend purchasing pieces concurrently. Lumber and even finishes can vary slightly from lot to lot.

Q:  Can I customize colors or hardware?
A:  Yes. Stains, paints, finishes, hardware & fabric can be customized for all of our American made furniture pieces. Many of our American furniture builders are happy to build to specific dimensions, as well.

Q:  Why USA made?
A:  We prefer to bring you only furniture made in the USA because we feel it is the best assurance of quality & safety.  That is not to say all furniture made in the USA is guaranteed safe; it is to say that many imported goods have proven to be less safe & of a lower quality than goods made in America.  As an added bonus, USA made furniture means a much smaller footprint, adherence to labor laws & responsible lumber harvesting.  More importantly, buying USA made furniture means supporting American furniture builders and keeping skilled American jobs in our communities.  Thanks you for considering American made furniture!

Q:  What is Quarter Sawn White Oak (QSWO)?
A:  Quarter sawn lumber is cut at right angles to the growth rings which results in medullary rays, sometimes called “ribbons” or “tiger stripes”.  Producing QSWO requires more time and skill than plain sawn oak and therefore nearly exclusively available in Amish furniture.  Aside from being visually appealing, quarter sawn wood has some structural advantages, as well.  As quarter sawing produces a straighter grain, it yields wood that is more stable in size & form (less susceptible to cracking, warping, bending) than plain sawn wood.  Quarter sawn wood actually stains more readily and resists liquids better than plain sawn wood. 

It is often seen in antique furniture as it has always been regarded as a premium, durable lumber and because of the higher price point it is not widely available today.  However, Amish furniture is still being made with this hard to find wood and so Amish furniture builders have retained the skill required to fashion fine furniture from QSWO.