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Naturepedic Quilted Deluxe Baby Crib Mattress

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- Made in USA
- Greenguard Certified - Regularly tested for chemical emissions
- Excellence Award Winner
- 100% Organic Cotton filling & quilted cover
- No Brominated or Chlorinated Fire Retardants
- Fits baby cribs & toddler beds

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Naturepedic Quilted Deluxe Baby Crib Mattress

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  • Naturepedic Organic Cotton Quilted Deluxe Crib Mattress Cover
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Naturepedic Organic Cotton Quilted Deluxe Baby Crib  & Toddler Mattresses create the ideal sleep experience for your child, that begins with sumptuous organic cotton as the filling of this well-constructed organic mattress.  Naturepedic mattresses are designed to be as pure as possible and provide superb comfort & safety.  Our Quilted Deluxe Crib Mattress, which is designed to also serve as a toddler mattress, is made with the highest quality heavy duty 252 coil innerspring, giving the firmness & comfort necessary.  Additionally, all Naturepedic mattresses feature heavy duty border rods for increased side & edge strength.  Naturepedic follows the Consumer Product Safety Commission's (CPSC) recommendations for firmness.  The Organic Cotton Quilted Deluxe covering of this mattress creates a more luxurious feeling resting surface that has a sateen finish.  The organic cotton filling and quilted covering allow for excellent air circulation, helping to achieve temperature & humidity balance, reducing sweating and clamminess.

Naturepedic puts great emphasis on omitting allergenic materials, which are found in nearly all other mattresses.  Only U.S. grown, unbleached, certified organic cotton is used to fill our Naturepedic Organic Cotton Quilted Deluxe Crib Mattress.  Certified organic cotton that is unbleached, undyed, non-GMO, grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, is perhaps the most healthful option Nature has to offer for a mattress, not to mention it is a renewable resource.  No wool, latex/natural rubber or mohair are used in Naturepedic mattresses, as these materials are known to cause allergic reactions in certain individuals.

As Naturepedic was founded by a seasoned environmental engineer, the top priority is to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and materials.  Vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam, perfluorinated chemicals (PFC's), toxic fire retardant chemicals, along with other questionable chemicals are strictly prohibited from Naturepedic products.  Naturepedic mattresses offer peace of mind to families and individuals, knowing that resting on them does not cause exposure to harmful chemicals for hours on end, night after night.  Babies and young children spend considerable time in their beds and are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of toxins in their environment. 

Naturepedic also makes organic cotton Mattress Protector Pads with your choice of waterproof or non-waterproof.  The Mattress Protector Pads also serve as a dust mite barrier.  Mattress Protector Pad as well as organic cotton crib sheets are available here at American Eco Furniture. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Dimensions:  28" x 52" x 6"

- Made in USA
- Greenguard Certified - Regularly tested for chemical emissions
- Excellence Award Winner
- 100% Certified Organic Cotton Filling & Quilted Cover
- Fits cribs & toddler beds
- Dust mite barrier cover
- No Brominated or Chlorinated Fire Retardants
- No Vinyl/PVC
- No Polyurethane foam
- No Respirable Crystalline Silica
- No wool
- No latex
- Vegan - No animal derived materals
- No Dimethyl Sulfate
- No PBDE's
- No PBDE's
- No Modacrylic
- No Boric Acid
- No Antimony
- No PAN (polyacrylonitrile)
- 252 coils
- Limited lifetime warranty on mattress

Naturepedic's Non-Toxic Fire Protection
Naturepedic has a solid commitment to doing what is right, and non-toxic fire protection is one of them.  Naturepedic mattresses have the advantage of being filled with organic cotton, much less flammable than polyurethane or other petroleum based materials, and does not need to be subjected to harsh chemicals to meet government flammability standards.  Naturepedic is able to meet & exceed Federal & State flammability standards by using foo-grade natural ingredients such as baking soda, hydrated silica and cellulose.  Baking soda, most commonly recognized as a baking ingredient, is non-toxic and had excellent fire retardant qualities.  Silica, a major component of human tissue, bones, teeth and cartilage, is a naturally occurring mineral and is sold in health food stores as a dietary supplement.  Silica exists in large quantities in clay, rocks and sand, and is often used as the primary ingredient in natural toothpastes.  Cellulose, to which the baking soda and silica are permanently bonded, is an organic compound with a low carbon footprint and primarily sourced from eucalyptus and poplar trees.  Baking soda, hydrated silica and cellulose fiber come together to create powerful protection against fire that does not break down. 

Nearly all conventional mattresses are constructed of polyurethane foam or latex as the main filler.  Being petroleum based and highly flammable, these materials are either treated or wrapped in industrial strength fire retardant chemicals.  Fire retardant chemicals raise a great deal of concern about toxicity  and health.  Most manufacturers choose not to disclose which chemical ingredients are used in their mattresses.  

Greenguard Certified Naturepedic Excellence Award Winner Naturepedic Mattress