Green Lawn Furniture™: Rot Resistant Outdoor Furniture

Posted on May 23, 2011

At last, there is an eco friendly alternative to standard wooden outdoor furniture, typically heavily treated with chemicals that are harmful to our health as well as that of our planet. Our new line of rot resistant Green Lawn Furniture™ is not chemically treated but rather heat treated to achieve superior results as well as a cleaner, more environmentally friendly product. The innovative process that employs heat, high pressure steam & kiln drying cooks out all of the water & the sugars naturally found in wood. Once the water & sugars are removed, wood’s natural enemies (fungus, mold, termites & other insects) have nothing to live on.

In addition to rot resistance, this process collapses the wood’s cell structure so the wood does not act like a sponge, making it less susceptible to checking, warping & twisting than chemically treated lawn furniture. All of the wood used in our Green Lawn Furniture™ is responsibly raised & harvested in the United States. No hazardous waste is created in the heat treatment process and all scraps are thrown into the workshop’s wood stove. The heat treatment gives each piece a beautiful natural tint but items can also be stained or painted. All of our Green Lawn Furniture™ is made in the USA from locally sourced materials; no imports & no exotic or endangered wood species.

Mortise & Tenon Joinery: What is it & why should you care?

Posted on May 06, 2011

Mortise & Tenon joinery is a traditional woodworking method of joining two pieces of wood together in a manner that creates one of the strongest wood joints possible.  So, what is the method, you ask.  It involves a mortise, which is a cutout in a piece of wood that is specifically shaped & sized to house the tenon, a tongue at the end of a board which is specifically shaped & sized to fit inside the mortise.

Making a mortise and tenon joint requires great skill on behalf of the craftsman and not all furniture builders “bother” with such details.  A simple piece of furniture has many joints and each mortise & tenon joint has to be measured precisely, marked and drilled to fit exactly.  Each joint has to be carefully handcrafted, unless very complex and expensive machinery is purchased to do the work, which is usually not found in small scale productions.  American Eco Furniture focuses on small scale furniture builders that build each piece by hand, one at a time the old fashioned way.

American Eco Furniture Mortise & Tenon Joinery

So why all the fuss, when a nail could do the same?  Well, that’s just the problem; nails cannot do the job of a mortise & tenon joint and don’t belong in bench crafted, heirloom quality Arts & Crafts style furniture!  Nails introduce the possibility of creating a split in the wood and don’t allow for seasonal wood movement, the natural expansion & contraction that takes place in wood as the seasons or humidity levels change.  If wood cannot contract and expand gracefully, it does damage to the furniture and results in cracking, warping or splitting.

Aside from being one of the strongest wood joints, mortise & tenon joinery also allows for seasonal wood movement.  When shopping for furniture, look for true mortise & tenon joints as they are a sign of superior craftsmanship & a good indication of how long you can expect to keep your investment.  Mortise & tenon joinery is standard in all American Eco Furniture products.

American Eco Furniture is Open!

Posted on May 03, 2011

Welcome to our furniture store & our store’s blog.  Here you will find some of the best handcrafted solid wood furniture being made in the USA.  We have searched the lower 48 states to bring you heirloom quality furniture made from wood that has been responsible grown & harvested within a small radius of the builders’ studios.  Our builders are as committed to supporting local communities as we are & therefore source their materials locally whenever possible.

In future blog entries, we will introduce you to the builders, the materials & the processes that result in the beautiful, timeless pieces you will find here.  Take a look around our store & view the growing selection in our Bedroom Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Children’s Furniture & Baby Furniture and rest assured that everything you see is made in the USA by skilled craftsmen working on a small, old world scale.  Check back often as we are adding new items as fast as we can.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, email us at & chances are we can get it for you.